Someone is looking for you.

What is a business without its customers?  What happens to a business who’s revenue is stagnant year after year?  That is a business that either has a short lifespan or is not going to reach its maximum potential.

Quote in our LinkedIn newsfeed a few weeks back – 71% of customers buy because they like you, trust you and respect you.  Most in sales or business knows that line.   Know me, like me, trust me.  If someone doesn’t personally know you, how will you get them to like you, trust you and respect you, so they’ll do business with you? 

uns-mapFamous quote “Somewhere, someone is looking for exactly what you have to offer.”  But the question is – why haven’t they found you or why haven’t you found them?

In a world where everyone is entrenched in their phone or tablet or laptop, where a majority of mail gets thrown in the trash and it costs thousands of dollars to buy enough radio and TV to be effective, how will customers or clients find the company that can supply the products or services they’re looking for? More than likely, they’ll search out your facebook page, google you, or search some other way online. Why?  Because that is the easiest way to find what you’re looking for.  And when they do find that business they’re looking for, what impression will they get?

65% of adults use social networking sites.  Before using a business, 90% of customers say that they will research it online.   When they search our your company, what will they find?


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