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Have you utilized all available resources to build your social sites?  Paid advertising is an easy way to grow your base however it’s important to remember that your current fans should also be following and engaging on your social sites.  We’re talking friends, families your team members!

With so much to think about, a business owner doesn’t always have time to get creative about social media.  So, we’ve made it easy and have included here are a few ways to organically build your fan base using readily available resources.


Send an email to your employees with links to all of your social sites.

Additionally, request that your employees share your social posts on their sights on a regular basis.  Get your team members enthused!

Hold contests for employees to get their friends and family to ‘like’ and ‘share’ your page and posts.  Maybe the employee who gets gets the most new likes is rewarded with a gift certificate to a local restaurant!

Share photos and posts from other users that mention your company.  Make sure to tag yourself.

Print signs with the social icons and your username, and place in your window or on your front counter.  If you want to get fancy, have a printer design window decals!

Include social icons with links to your sites in your email signature.  Encourage your employees to do the same.

Do you send mass emails to clients or prospects?  If so, utilize the option to link social icons to social networks.  Mailchimp and Constant Contact are the most-used email softwares and typically include social icon templates in the footer.

Create social campaigns to follow your company on other networks.  Simply create a branded image and link it to a second social network.

Include social icons and usernames / URLs on your print marketing materials. Flyers, mailers, business cards, inserts, banners, postcards.  If it prints with your logo on it, it could also advertise your social sites!

Lastly, remember to consistently engage with your fans so they don’t drop off.  If they ask questions, answer them!  If they write a review, respond to it!  If they tag you in a positive post, add it to your page!  

Remember, you’re building a digital relationships which requires 2 things – 2 people.  Start a conversation! Showcase your personality with consistent content.  Get your entire team on board to grow your presence online.  You won’t be sorry you did!

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