4 Ways To Use Snapchat For Small Business

SnapchatForBusinessWhy do I love Snapchat?  It promotes authenticity.  Using images and short videos, users are able to follow accounts and see them just as they are.  Don’t believe me?  Simply create an account and you’ll find that users tend to me more genuine and ‘real’ than on other social networks in what they share.
71% of Snapchat users are under 34 years old.  So if your product or service can be purchased, used or referred by this demographic, it’s in your best interest to investigate the medium.
As one of the newer social networks, you may hear – only the kids are using it!  But millennials are not without present or future purchasing power.  58% of college students say that they will purchase a product from Snapchat that offers them a coupon or incentive.  That’s worth noting.
If you’re the business owner and don’t have time to snap your situation, empower an employee or marketing manager and give them permission to share your company culture with your fans.
SNAP TIPS: try to be:
– Short & Sweet
– Visually Appealing
– True To Your Brand
– Make It Fun & Casual
– Tell A Great Story

We’ve compiled a quick list here of 4 ways you can easily and creatively use Snapchat. 

  1. Go Behind The Scenes. – People want to see the method behind the madness!  Are you a landscaper? Share video of projects before, during and after construction (with client permission of course).  Sell soaps and lotions?  Video your soap-making process in a how-to video.  Own a local coffee shop?  Let fans get to you know your employees and learn how you make the best coffee in town.  Remember, social media is about building relationships, plain and simple.  And through these images and short videos, you can share your passion and company culture with your fans.
  2. Flash Sale or Contest! – Local clothing boutique?  Share your snapcode on all your social channels and give customers 10% off (or whatever you come up with) when they follow you on Snapchat and prove so in-store during your end-of-season sale!  Take a picture of a coupon that fans can save and share at check-out.  Share an image of your giveaway prize or referral gift.  The opportunities are endless.
  3. On-Demand, Geo-Filter. –
    1. Use at non-profit or local events to show your company’s support of the community.
    2. Create a filter for an open-house or client appreciation event.  Take it to the next level… Take snaps with your filter of clients, save and print to create a client montage!
    3. Announce a new product or service launch with a custom filter.  Of course you’ll have to get snapchat users to your location to use the filter, but what better reason to hold a product launch party!
    4. Create a custom filter for special days relevant to your business (ex. National Employee Day, Boss Appreciation Day, Dental Hygiene Day, National Coffee Day, etc.).  Download these photos and share on other social networks.
    5. Showcase your presence at trade shows and conferences.  Many large-scale events already have their own geo-filter, so you’ll simply need to go through the motions of taking your picture and right-swipe.  This falls back into our goal of making clients the authority in their industry.
  4. Product Demos. –  Share in a series of short videos a ‘how-to’ use your product or how show it solves your customer’s problems.  We are visual -> show us how it works and we’re much more likely to understand the product concept and explain it to others.

Though Snapchat does not have nearly as many users as Facebook, the network is growing at a fast pace so it makes sense to jump on the bandwagon now and start humanizing your brand through your snaps.

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