Let’s Talk Facebook Ads & Generating Business Leads

Facebook, unlike LinkedIn, is not by definition a business community. Perhaps this is why you haven’t invested in advertising on this social platform. Since most people log on to share memories and chat with friends, ads may seem like an intrusion on Facebook. Certainly, we’ve all encountered ads on our newsfeeds that look more like Read more about Let’s Talk Facebook Ads & Generating Business Leads[…]

10 Reasons Your Office Manager Should Not Run Your Social Media

The phrase “social media” is inescapably associated with the internet. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn… and has forever changed the face of marketing.  Businesses all over the world are still trying to understand how to manage these media outlets. Who is supposed to control all these accounts? 25 year old interns? An outsourced ad agency? Read more about 10 Reasons Your Office Manager Should Not Run Your Social Media[…]

4 Ways To Use Snapchat For Small Business

Why do I love Snapchat?  It promotes authenticity.  Using images and short videos, users are able to follow accounts and see them just as they are.  Don’t believe me?  Simply create an account and you’ll find that users tend to me more genuine and ‘real’ than on other social networks in what they share. 71% Read more about 4 Ways To Use Snapchat For Small Business[…]

Spread the Love

Have you utilized all available resources to build your social sites?  Paid advertising is an easy way to grow your base however it’s important to remember that your current fans should also be following and engaging on your social sites.  We’re talking friends, families your team members! With so much to think about, a business owner doesn’t always have Read more about Spread the Love[…]

Someone is looking for you.

What is a business without its customers?  What happens to a business who’s revenue is stagnant year after year?  That is a business that either has a short lifespan or is not going to reach its maximum potential. Quote in our LinkedIn newsfeed a few weeks back – 71% of customers buy because they like Read more about Someone is looking for you.[…]

Marketing is storytelling.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin (21st Century marketing guru) Do you like to be sold all the time?  More than likely, the answer is no.  “Show me the money!  Spend money here! Buy, buy, buy!” – exhausting, don’t you agree? Are Read more about Marketing is storytelling.[…]